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The Features of Blockchains

Data stored in blockchain is immutable and cannot be changed easily as explained above. Also the data is added to the block after it is approved by everyone in the network and thus allowing secure transactions. Those who validate the transactions and add them in block are called miners. Blockchain is Decentralized as well as an open ledger. Ledger is the record of the transactions done and because it is visible to everyone, therefore is called an open ledger. No individual or any organisation is incharge of the transactions. Each and every connection in the blockchain network has a same copy of the ledger. Blockchain provide a peer to peer network. This characteristic of blockchain allows the transactions to involve only two parties, the sender and the receiver. Thus it removes the requirement of ‘third party authorisation’ because everyone in the network is themselves able to authorise the transactions.


TOKEN NAME: Great Bounty Dealer
Network : BEP20
Symbol: GBD
Decimal: 18
Contract : 0xdF7434d15656809F56Dd17371b2339bAaCd9b494

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  • list-img Security Assured
  • list-img Send & Receive
  • list-img Access Anywhere
  • list-img Cheap Transfer
  • list-img Easy to send exchange platforms
  • list-img Outomatic Change
Total Supply 1B
Airdrops 5 m
Pre-Sale 25 m
Social Activities 100 m
Team Funds 150 m
Ar-Ge 170 m
ICO 150 m
Locked 400 m



Why GBD will rise ?

GBD aims to prove itself with its road map and forward-looking projects.
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Beginning Project

GBD Preliminary studies
Q3 2020 ✓

Market Research

Project details and determination of the roadmap
Q3 2020 ✓

Studies of Projcet

determining the name of the project and starting to create a contract
Q1 2021 ✓

Coin Launch

GBD Contract entegration and token generation
Q1 2021 ✓


Project Official announcement
Q2 2021 ✓

Token Sale

Private sales and ICO transactions begin
Q2 2021 ✓


Initial Stock Exchange listing
Q3 2021 ✓

Stock Markets

Stock exchange listings
Q3 2021 ✓

Stock Markets

Listing on Top20 Exchanges
Q1 2022 ✓

Journey Continues

Switching to BEP20 network
Q1 2022 ✓

Payment Acquairision

Studies to be a payment method
Q2 2022


Starting own network operations and introduction to testing processes.
Q4 2022

Own Network

Switching to own network
Q1 2023

Payment System

Starting to set up the payment instrument app/wallet .
Q2 2023



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