Frequently asked questions

what is the Great Bounty Dealer ?

Great Bounty Dealer is a decentralized cryptocurrency generated on the TRC20 network.

What is the Great Bounty Dealer symbol?

Great Bounty Symbol is GBD and its can tracked by the symbol on tronscan.

What is the total supply/ of the Great Bounty Dealer

Total supply of Great bounty dealer ;

Maximum supply of the Great Bounty Dealer ;

Which wallets can bu used to hold GBD?

You hold your GBD in any wallet that support TRC infrastructure as well as tronlinkpro,klever,trust wallet.etc.

Where ı can buy GBD?

GBD following the link or serach on telegram @GBD_swap_bot. (after pre-sale bot will deactived)

What is the GBD price ?

GBD has no price yet due to not listed . in other hand for pre-sale priced 0,03 TRX and it will up to 0,05 TRX and will rise for every 5m GBD.

Is there will be stake for GBD?

Of course when GBD listed on stock markets there will be staking.

Can ı transfer from wallet to another wallet ?

GBD based on TRC network for that you can transfer your token to any supported wallet to TRC network.